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05 December 2013 @ 05:49 pm
I've found a new game that I play when I'm bored with League of Legends.
It's called Smite and it's something like LoL but you actually have to be accurate with your white hits, everything is a skill-shot, it's funny when I can't hit anything because they are running around me and I just miss everything :D
It's a fun game to play with my friends. It's a Gods based game, you play as gods from different cultures and you have a lot of maps to choose from. It's still in an open beta tests but it's worth a try. Check it out:
If you want to register just click on the image :)

Also here is a trailer of one of the gods that you can play as:
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27 November 2013 @ 01:57 pm
I'm still so much into MM novels, and still into a little dark themed ones, I can't help it, I think it's the influence of the fantasy books that made me look for not so sweet positions to read.
So, I've found a great new author: Garrett Leigh.
The first book that I've read was Slide it's a book no 1 from Roads series:
There is also a free short story on the couple form Slide, that describes some events from the book better. Read it, cuz its hot as hell :D It's called Marked.
And I have great news in January 2014 there's going to be a continuation to the series! I can't wait!! <3
There is also another book no 1 Bullet from series Blue Boy, another great one. Just a little more naughty, but still a little dark and cute at times. Can't wait for the continuation :D

Both are the positions worth reading, really, those are my 5/5 ones. I usually don't read anything that's less than 4 for me :>
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08 November 2013 @ 08:33 pm
I am so into Borderlands 2 that I don't have time for anything else, well the university year has already begun so I guess I have to slow things down if I want to get promoted to next semester :<
There was this big hunt event that was held in Borderlands and even though I couldn't win any prizes because I'm not from the USA, I could still get some nice loot :D
Here are the statistics overall:
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23 October 2013 @ 08:47 pm
Thanks to certain someone I started reading MM novels XD
I've always been a fan of fantasy themed books and ONLY them, other genres bored me as fu**.
The book that made me change my mind is called Yakuza Pride by H.J. Brues, well it has a theme of Yakuza in it and I love Yakuza, so that's what made me change my mind, and I have to say I was so in love with this book. It was a little dark but overall it was beautiful. It tells a story of a Yakuza falling in love with a gaijin. The story revolves around the pride of the Yakuza that he can't just abandon for this gaijin and has some angst in it, but not coming from the Yakuza himself. I'm bad at writing reviews, my friends always tell me that and I can see it myself :D To tell you the truth I couldn't start reading any new book after this one for like one week.
Here is the cover if you click on the picture it will take you to the goodreads profile of the book, where you can read better summary :D
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25 August 2013 @ 04:09 pm
Yea I've been caught up with Borderlands 2 for about 1 month now and I already have 123 hours played through and I still don't have the max lvl XD And to think that I almost left that game unfinished when I started to play it >.<

The truth is that when I just started the playthrough I stopped it before even starting the real fun and the story. I came back for it when I saw that there is a Dungeons & Dragons DLC called Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep. I was like damn, maybe I should go back to this game. Not thinking too much I bought it and started the game. I went to the location where the mission starts and BOOM, the enemies were like 30lvl and I was 11 XD So I said to myself that I have to end the main story to get to lvl 30 because I didn't want to waste my money again. That's when the magic started. After about next 6 hours of playing the game I fell in love with it and spend another 30$ on it XD I know that it's kind of crazy but never once did I regret it.

What's so special about this game? EVERYTHING!!! The NPC's, the story, the dialogs, the enemies. I mean it!
My favourite NPC's are Tiny Tina(yep, yep, she has her own DLC) and Claptrap - the friendly robot.


If you are thinking about buying it, don't think, just GO and BUY it now!!!

"It smells of bacon here. Bacon is for sycophants and products of incest."
And remember - "BURN ALL THE BABIES!!!!!"
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21 April 2013 @ 11:24 am
So the spring season has pretty much started now and since I've bought a new HHD(more space for my yaoi!!!, animu and supernatural in HD!) I thought - "why not try and download a lot of new series, maybe at least one will be worth watching" and...for now I've tried watching Hataraku Maou-sama, Suisei no Gargantia, Shingeki no Kyojin, Arata Kangatari, Karneval and Valvrave the Liberator and I have to say that for me only one is really promising the rest is either a meh or wtf is that sh**.

Hataraku Maou-sama - I've tried it because of some caps I've seen, it looked good but as soon as I've watched the 1st episode I knew it wasn't for me. I guess I'm not into those stupid comedies, they are so shallow for me it's almost sad.

Suisei no Gargantia - I like the art and the main character, but the girl, Amy, I dislike those types of chars. She's sooo annoying. I guess I'll watch it for the bishie, Red.

Shingeki no Kyojin - This one looks really awesome. If it will go on like it started it will be my favorite for this season. The idea with the giants is brilliant. I think it's the influence of the supernatural but I'm into those kinds of stories right now :)
[EveTaku] Shingeki no Kyojin - 01 (1280x720 x264-Hi10P AAC) [0A530917].mkv_002308.744_1

Arata Kangatari - I wanted to watch it, because it brings me the memories of my childhood and the first anime that I've ever seen. Arata gives off the feeling of Fushigi Yuugi, the real world mixed with the other realm. I have to say that I'm a little disappointed, maybe it's because I'm getting old or the story line is not appealing to me, the concept of it doesn't fit my taste.

Karneval - I'm watching it simply for the bishies and the fan service it offers. Again I don't like that type of stories that much but, the characters are cute and I will probably continue watching the show just for the sake of them.
Valvrave the Liberator - This one is beyond my understanding. It's so messed up that I just want to erase it from my memories. It king of resembles the movie that was not so long ago in cinemas - Iron Sky(the worst 1,5hr that I lost in my life), it's just the same amount of bad.0
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21 April 2013 @ 10:06 am
I decided to be be more active and post whatever comes to my mind. I think it'll be good to see in a few years what I was like. It may seem funny, but we don't even see it when we change ourselves and it's always nice to e.g. look through our old photos or our diaries(I have never had one, but my lj can become like one).

For some time now I've been playing LoL with my friends, I've become sort of an addict. I only play with them, never with randoms, so I would say that I can control myself it terms of playing too much. I have a lot of fun when I get together with them on skype and we laugh at each other when we play bad, sometimes we quarrel so much that it's not normal, who the heck quarrels because of a "stupid game"? But then after 5 min we are just fine, and back to normal...
I'm a girl so I like my chars to be pretty. I have so many skins for my champs that it's scary, because I have to spend actual many for them :/
My favorite are:
Annie in Wonderland - I love Alice in wonderland, and Annie is so cute <3
Koi Nami - she's rather new but she's fun to play with and this skin is beautiful
Justicar Syndra - she's an op mid if you know how to carry her. It took me some time to master her.
Monarch Kog'Maw - the best skin of all times. I like to play him, because even if I have a bad start with him, I will always end with some amazing stats at end game!
Spellthief Lux - Maybe it's not the best skin, but it's definitely the best champ. When I play random chars with my friends and one of us gets her, everyone fights to get Lux XD

As you can see I prefer ap/ad carry and support. I always find myself best at mid and bot, those are my lanes, and I suck at jungle(I can only do it with Amumu) and I'm bad at top and most of melee champs(I'm fine with Amumu, Diana and Cho'Gath)
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20 April 2013 @ 10:09 pm
Soo, I've been really into Supernatural lately.
This show is so op, I mean can Dean, Sam and Cass be any moar sexy? :D And it's such a treat for fujoshi with all those hints about their relationship :D
My final exams are coming and all I'm doing all days is watching SN, if I don't pass it will be their fault, but I'll forgive them since they're so sexy.

For now, the best character introduction ever:
16 April 2013 @ 01:12 pm
So, I had some time and I did another one, I hope you will like it.
Credits: Chata Wuja Freda

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13 April 2013 @ 12:11 pm
Here's another one of my sloppy translations of Chata Wuja Freda, for the original go there please!
Here you go:
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